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Now, this blog post contains the ultimate solutions for all your needs regarding YouTube not working. This is a common issue these days, with YouTube experiencing crashes and just stopping for many users. If you check Google Trends, you’ll notice many people searching for solutions to fix YouTube not working, seeking practical steps or advice on Reddit.

This blog post aims to present all the proven solutions in one place, providing you with straightforward and easy steps to resolve the YouTube not working issue for Android, iOSor

How I Quickly Fixed the YouTube Not Working

Generally, there might be a bug or ongoing maintenance on YouTube’s platform, especially if they are currently running maintenance for their server locations. You could be within the affected criteria, resulting in YouTube not working. If you encounter issues with the app today, there are a few things to check before applying the fixes I’ll share with you. Although these scenarios are less common, they can be powerful in resolving issues and getting YouTube to start working again.

5 Things To Ensure Whenever The YouTube App Stopped Working

1. Ensure That YouTube Is Not Down

Now, the first thing you need to ensure is that whenever you observe that the app has stopped working or is not functioning properly, you should visit a website like or any similar site that helps you check whether the app or website is experiencing downtime. On, there is a feature where users can report any issues with YouTube, such as being unable to use the app or encountering any anomalies.

If you notice multiple reports within 24 hours, YouTube is likely facing some kind of issue, either in your country or perhaps in other countries.

screenshot of youtube is down of device and web version

For example, if I am residing in India but notice that many users from the United States are reporting issues with YouTube not working, it indicates that the YouTube server in the U.S. is likely experiencing problems. This could be the reason why the app is not loading thumbnails or displaying errors.

2. Make Sure the App or Web browser is up-to-date


Another thing that you need to ensure as quickly checking that the app is up to date with every new update due to updates their appreciate and the systems on which the app runs and functions, make sure it is compatible and working for you

google chrome checking update

3. Check If It Is Updating In The Background

Sometimes, when you’re using the app and suddenly notice that the YouTube app has stopped working, there might be an auto-update happening in the background. Your smartphone device could be updating the YouTube application automatically because you had given the permission previously, or you haven’t changed or turned off the auto-update settings on Android or iOS.

YouTube update

While the app is updating, you might experience that it becomes temporarily unusable. During this time, you won’t be able to scroll in the app, thumbnails may not load, and you cannot add videos to save for later or watch later.

4. Restart If You Haven’t Done It In A While


Now, you must ensure that you restart your device periodically if you haven’t done so already. When you restart the device, it automatically clears and wipes out all the excess data or hidden cache data that is not necessary for your device or any app to store. Hitting the restart button deletes all the hidden cache data, which ultimately helps all the apps run smoothly and your device operate faster.

5. Check If YouTube has All The Required Permission

Ultimately, for many Android device owners, there is an option in newer Android versions that has removed certain app permissions. For instance, if YouTube previously had permission to access data or files on your device, but you haven’t used the app for a while, these permissions may have been turned off. This could lead to YouTube not working because, without the necessary permissions, the app cannot function.

screenshot -of-remove-unused-permission-highlighted-for-youtube

To ensure proper functioning, make sure that you have granted all the required permissions to the app. You can do this by going to your mobile settings, accessing the “Apps” section, and then navigating to the permissions section specifically for YouTube. Verify and enable the necessary permissions to allow the app to run smoothly.

How To Fix the YouTube Not Working

Fix 1: Check the ADblocker Extension

Struggling with ad blockers are not allowed on youtube screenshot

In some cases, Adblock extensions may interfere with YouTube loading videos. I suggest testing this by opening YouTube in an Incognito tab, as I’ve experienced that it can make a difference, as mentioned by a user in the provided discussion.

Fix 2: Verify App Permissions

app permission for youtube app screenshot

Make sure that the YouTube app has the necessary permissions to access data and files on your device. In my experience, navigating to your mobile settings, going to the “Apps” section, and checking the permissions for YouTube can resolve many issues.

Fix 3: Restart Your Device

power menu to restart, power off or emergency call

I recommend periodically restarting your device to clear unnecessary cache data, which can enhance app performance. Restarting the device helps in wiping out excess hidden cache data, allowing the app to run smoothly.

Fix 4: Revert to the Previous App Version

uninstall updates of youtube app highlighted screenshot

If you’re facing issues after a recent update, I suggest reverting to the previous app version. In my case, I’ve encountered problems with the latest update, and rolling back to a previous version resolved those issues for me.

Fix 5: Check for Server-Side Maintenance

youtube server side maintainence screenshot

YouTube might be undergoing maintenance or experiencing server-side issues. When encountering problems, I recommend verifying if other users report similar issues, indicating a broader server-related problem.

Fix 6: Disable Adblocker or Try Different Adblocker

ad blockers are not allowed on youtube screenshot form a youtube video

If you have an Adblocker installed, it might be causing problems. I suggest disabling it or trying a different Adblocker. Personally, changing my Adblock extension has resolved video loading issues for me. Also read: How to Fix the “Ad Blockers Are Not Allowed on YouTube” Problem

Fix 7: File a Bug Report

report or sending the bug to youtube team

If the problem persists, I recommend filing a bug report with YouTube. In my experience, following this link to submit a bug report can be a helpful step.

Fix 8: Contact YouTube Support for Premium Issues

youtube premium profile on youtube desktop

If you have YouTube Premium and encounter issues, I recommend reaching out to YouTube’s Paid Purchases Support Teams for assistance.

Fix 9: Check for Regional Issues

In some cases, issues may be region-based. I recommend confirming if users in your region are experiencing similar problems.

Fix 10: Restart Browser

If you’re using YouTube on a browser, restarting the browser can sometimes resolve playback issues. In my case, this has been effective in solving occasional playback problems


That’s it for the blog post today. I hope you find this blog helpful. We have tried showing you all the ways to get rid of the YouTube app not working, with practical and proven methods that have worked for both my Android and YouTube web versions (desktop site).

So, I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading this. Let me know in the comments what has worked best for you. If there’s anything else, doubts, or issues, you can simply contact us.

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