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You might face the most common error on smartphones: emergency calls only. This is the error that We previously covered in the same article, but this is the updated version with all the latest ways to fix emergency calls only

Even though there are some comments from our YouTube videos and methods that we recommend to people to fix these errors, and it works, people just let us know by comment. Here are some of them.

emergency calls only youtube video comments

In today’s article, I will show you how to fix emergency calls issues or quickly get rid of emergency calls on any Android or IOS Smartphone.

Moreover, I will answer the most asked question: why does my phone say emergency calls only?

But before anything else, let’s directly dive into the mean article with all the fixes. 

How to Fix The Emergency Calls Only on Any Device

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But fret not! This guide will explore practical solutions to fix the error. By following these troubleshooting steps, you can regain full functionality and enjoy seamless communication and access to your mobile network.

1. Clear cache SIM toolkit

To clear the cache of the SIM Toolkit, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings menu on your Android smartphone.
  2. Navigate to the Apps or Application Manager section.
  3. Look for the SIM Toolkit app and tap on it.
  4. You should find an option to clear the cache within the app settings.
  5. Tap the “Clear Cache” button to delete the temporary data stored by the SIM Toolkit app.

Clearing the cache of the SIM Toolkit can help resolve any temporary issues or conflicts that might be causing the error. Once the cache is cleared, restart your phone and check if the issue has been resolved.

SIM Toolkit app info screenshot
clear cache and data of sim toolkit or sim card apps

Remember to share your experience and any other solutions you find in the comments, as it can be helpful to others facing similar challenges.

force stop the sim card apps or Toolkit

2. Getting into Safe Mode and Returning to Normal Mode

Next, let’s go for a wild ride in Safe Mode. It’s like strapping on your phone’s safety belt and seeing if any misbehaving apps are causing trouble. Once pinpointed the issue, you can kick those pesky apps to the curb and restart your phone for a fresh start.

safe mode gif in fun way

Another great thing you should try is getting into safe mode on your Android or iPhone Smartphones and then figuring out which app is causing this issue and how to do it. Please find the most recently installed app and force stop it for a moment, and then get back to normal mode and safe use and see the network again.

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If you find out that your sim card started working again, that app was causing the issue. You can install that app, or you can try an alternative to it.

3. Turn on and off your airplane mode

Turn on and off airplane mode

First, we have the classic “turn on and off airplane mode” trick. It’s like playing a game of Switcheroo with your phone’s network settings. On, off, on, off – and voila! Your phone might be back in business.

Anytime you face Android emergency calls only, you should toggle the airplane mode on and off. That’s when it shows emergency calls. This might work on most smartphones because there is a glitch on a smartphone that tells you that you don’t have a sim card, so you can’t even call anyone.

4. Restart your Smartphone twice

But wait, there’s more! How about giving your phone a double restart? One restart might not be enough, but two? That’s double the power! It’s like doing a quick warm-up before a big game.

power menu to restart, power off or emergency call

Moreover, restarting a smartphone twice can be helpful because it automatically clears all the Android cache data and clears out all the junk files and data that keep running in the background, which is unnecessary.

For quick and easy fixes to resolve the “No SIM Card” problem on your Android device, check out this article: Troubleshooting No SIM Card Detection Issues on Android.

5. Insert Any Other SIM or Switch Between SIM Slots

If those methods don’t do the trick, don’t worry. We have other tricks, like swapping your SIM card with another one.

SIM card image with smartphone aside

Now most of you guys might be using dual sim. If you do, try switching out SIM from slot 2 to slot two and from slot 2 to slot 1. 

And the same for all users using a single SIM card, but if you don’t have a dual SIM card slot, remove the SIM card, reinsert it, and then restart your Smartphone and check if you get this signal back.

6. Inserting the Current SIM into Another Smartphone

Ah, the old SIM swaparoo! If you’re still stuck with the Only emergency calls error, here’s a nifty trick to try: grab another smartphone and insert your current SIM card into it. It’s like giving your SIM a change of scenery and seeing if it can work its magic elsewhere.

A normal SIM card in hand

Once you’ve popped that SIM into the new phone, see if it can make calls, browse the web, and connect to the network. If everything works smoothly on the other device, it’s a sign that the issue might lie with your original Smartphone.

But don’t worry, and we’re still going! After your SIM has had its little adventure, pop it back into your phone. Sometimes, swapping SIMs can jolt your device back to reality and make it realize it’s missing out on all the network fun. Give it a whirl and see if your phone gets back on track.

7. Reset your network settings

Ah, the trusty network settings reset! When all else fails and you’re still stuck with the no-calls error, it’s time to pull out the big guns and reset your network settings.

When reset network settings searched on the mobile settings

But wait, what does that mean? Resetting your network settings is like giving your phone’s connectivity a fresh start. It’s like wiping the slate clean and letting your device rediscover the magical world of networks.

To perform network settings reset, follow these steps (the exact steps may vary depending on your device):

  1. Open the Settings menu on your Smartphone.
  2. Look for the “Network” or “Connections” section.
  3. Within that section, you should find an option called “Reset Network Settings” or something similar.
  4. Tap on that option and confirm your choice to proceed with the reset.
network settings reset button

After Resetting network settings will remove saved Wi-Fi networks, Bluetooth pairings, and VPN settings. But don’t worry; it won’t erase your personal data or files.

Go into an open place where you can get a network.

reset it gif by backdroid

8. Network Problems with Operators

Many use networks like Airtel, T-Mobile, and others. However, the cause of the Only Calls to emergency number issue could be a network problem on the service provider’s side. Network outages have become quite common, as seen recently when T-Mobile experienced a minute-long downtime.

Similar incidents have occurred with Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp, where these platforms were inaccessible for 6 hours.

Therefore, before contacting your service provider, try the other steps mentioned. Start with step one to fix the error, then proceed to step two.”

9. Misconfiguration/Recently Changed Settings

Some tech enthusiasts like myself enjoy exploring mobile settings in their free time. I vividly remember accidentally turning on TalkBack on my Android device and struggling to fix it, unsure of what had happened to my phone. Each time I clicked on an app, it would audibly announce the app’s name.

APN Type for Tmobile

Now, let’s get back to the point. To resolve any misconfigurations or if you’ve made recent changes to your SIM card settings, follow these steps.

Many people who read this post have reset their network settings and regained connectivity. They can now make calls and connect to the internet with ease. Consider resetting your network settings to fix errors.

10. Contacting Your Network Provider for Assistance

At last, if nothing works out, contact your network provider; if you are using a team mobile sim card, you can google the tea mobile contact info, such as email and phone number, and tell them what you are currently facing and if is it just you?

If none of these steps work, contact your network provider’s customer support. They can provide further guidance and assistance. Share your experience and any solutions provided in the comments to help others facing the same issue.

Mentioning all the ways to Fix Emergency calls Only

If you’re experiencing the “Emergency Calls Only” error on your smartphone, try these simple steps to fix it potentially. Clear the cache of SIM toolkit app, Restart your phone, check network coverage, ensure proper SIM card insertion, toggle Airplane mode, and update your phone’s software. If the issue persists, contact your network provider’s customer support for assistance.

Here are 11 ways to help fix the “Emergency Calls Only” error on your smartphone:

  1. Restart your phone.
  2. Check network coverage in your area.
  3. Ensure the SIM card is properly inserted.
  4. Toggle Airplane mode on and off.
  5. Update your phone’s software to the latest version.
  6. Clear the cache of the SIM Toolkit app.
  7. Try Safe Mode to identify any misbehaving apps.
  8. Insert your SIM card into another smartphone to test it.
  9. Swap SIM cards between slots (if applicable).
  10. Reset your network settings.
  11. Contact your network provider’s customer support for assistance.

Why Does the Phone Say Emergency Calls Only?

When your phone displays the frustrating “Emergency Calls Only” message, you cannot make regular calls or send SMS messages. This error can be attributed to several possible causes, which include:

  1. Network Issues: Sometimes, the network coverage in your area may be temporarily disrupted or unavailable.
  2. SIM Card Problems: A malfunctioning or improperly inserted SIM card can prevent your device from connecting to the network properly, leading to restricted access and no calls.
  3. SIM Card and Network Settings Misconfiguration: Incorrectly configured SIM card or network settings on your device can also trigger the Emergency Calls error.

These are the primary reasons behind encountering the Emergency calling error. Only a tiny percentage of individuals who encounter this issue seek solutions. Now, let’s explore four easy methods to resolve this error and regain full functionality on your device.

Resources I refer to:

only emercency call on android fixed comments

If you see a message on your phone that says “Emergency Calls Only,” it means your phone can’t connect to the regular mobile network for making regular calls or accessing data services. At that moment, your phone can only make emergency calls.


To conclude, encountering the “Emergency Calls Only” error on your smartphone can be frustrating, but there are several solutions you can try. You can take various troubleshooting steps, from clearing the SIM Toolkit cache to restarting your phone twice, toggling airplane mode, and even swapping SIM cards or resetting network settings. Additionally, it’s essential to consider network issues, No SIM card problems, and misconfigurations as potential causes for this error.

Remember, if none of the suggested solutions work, don’t hesitate to contact your network provider’s customer support for further assistance. By sharing your experiences and solutions in the comments, you can help others facing the same issue. Stay persistent and patient, and you’ll likely find a solution to resolve the emergency call error and regain normal functionality on your device.

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