How to FIX SOS only on iPhones (Any iOS)

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If you see “SOS Only” in the status bar of your iPhone, it means that you can only make emergency calls. This can happen if you’re in an area with no cellular signal, or if there’s a problem with your phone or carrier.

Here are some things you can try to fix SOS Only on your iPhone.

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How to Fix iPhone SOS-only Errors (ultimate guide)

1. Toggle Airplane Mode

When your iPhone displays the SOS mode, the first step is to activate the Airplane Mode. You can easily do this by accessing the quick notification panel or going into your iPhone settings. Once Airplane Mode is turned on, promptly turn it off. This simple action may resolve the SOS issue on iOS.

airpane mode ios iphone
toggle airplane on iphone

For most people, this trick will absolutely work for them but for those for whom this trick didn’t work out, there is something else try steps 2 and 3.

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2. Restart (Soft Reset)

This method is the simplest and most commonly used. It’s helpful for fixing minor network issues or when your iPhone becomes unresponsive.

restat your iphone
slide to power off iphone

For iPhone 8 and later: Press and quickly release the Volume Up button, press and quickly release the Volume Down button, then press and hold the Side (or Power) button until you see the Apple logo on the screen. Release the button, and your iPhone will restart.

3. Check your cellular signal

sos only on my iphone fixed

Make sure you’re in an area with good cellular coverage. You can try moving to a different location or restarting your phone.

4. Reset your network settings

Adjusting the network settings on your iPhone can prove quite useful when you encounter network issues, be it with Bluetooth, your phone, or your SIM card and network. If you’re experiencing the ‘SOS only’ issue on your iOS device, attempting to reset your network settings can be a helpful solution.

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Here’s a quick guide on how to do it:

This will delete all of your saved Wi-Fi networks and passwords, as well as your cellular settings. To reset your network settings, go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

5. Contact your carrier

If you’ve tried all of the above and you’re still having problems, contact your carrier for further assistance.

google searched tmobile contact
when seached for airtel contact for US

Finally, if none of the previous steps work, you can reach out to your telecom operator. If you’re using a T-Mobile or Airtel SIM card, simply search for ‘T-Mobile support’ or ‘Airtel support’ on Google. Their official websites will appear, and I’ll provide direct contact information, including email and phone numbers in a screenshot or direct links to make it easy for you to access their support.

Here are some additional tips for SOS Only iOS (iphones)

  • If you’re using a third-party case, try removing it to see if it’s interfering with your phone’s signal.
  • If you’re traveling internationally, make sure data roaming is enabled.
  • If you’re in an area with a lot of cellular traffic, try connecting to a Wi-Fi network instead.

The Last Thing

If you’re still having problems with SOS Only after trying all of the above, it’s possible that there’s a problem with your phone’s hardware. In this case, you’ll need to take your phone to an Apple Store or authorized service provider for repair.

apple store url screencapture
Apple Store finder link: here.

You can follow this on any iPhone model: iPhone 12 mini (2020), iPhone 12 (2020), iPhone 12 Pro (2020), iPhone 12 Pro Max (2020), iPhone 13 mini (2021), iPhone 13 (2021), iPhone 13 Pro (2021), iPhone 13 Pro Max (2021), iPhone SE (3rd generation) (2022), iPhone 14 (2022), iPhone 14 Plus (2022), iPhone 14 Pro (2022), iPhone 14 Pro Max (2022).


Today, I try to help you with the iPhone issue, and on we always try to fix anything by keeping it very simple. In today’s blog post, I have shared 5 ways with you to fix SOS only on any iPhone device.

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