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Now, these are the ultimate blog posts you need to address to fix the app when it’s not working. This app, provided by, is crucial for trading and purchasing coins. I’ve noticed that many people encounter issues such as the app not working, crashing, or freezing during transactions.

In this post, I’ll guide you through fixing these issues with various simple and proven solutions that I have personally tried.

How I Fixed the App Not Working or Closing

In my experience with the app, I’ve found a few key strategies to tackle common issues. First and foremost, always ensure you’re using the latest version of the app. Regular updates often come with bug fixes and improvements. If you encounter sluggish performance, try clearing the app cache through your device settings – it’s a quick and effective way to boost performance. Keep an eye on your internet connection, as a stable network is vital for real-time updates.

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Biometric authentication is a cornerstone, so make sure your settings are configured correctly. Additionally, switching between WiFi and mobile data can sometimes resolve connectivity hiccups. If your phone operates in power-saving mode, consider turning it off, as this has been a game-changer for me. Lastly, don’t hesitate to contact’s customer support for personalized assistance.

If you’re having trouble with your favorite crypto app, it can be quite frustrating. It might be crashing all the time, you might be unable to log in, or your transactions may be delayed. Whatever the issue, a malfunctioning app can derail your investment plans. 

Common Culprits and Symptoms of App Not Working

In my experience using the app, there are a few common culprits behind errors and the app not working properly. Here are some issues I have encountered and my recommendations:

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  • Freezing and Crashes – I have sometimes had the app freeze mid-trade or crash unexpectedly. This happens most often when there are a lot of users overloading the servers or when my phone software needs an update. When this happens to me, I find restarting my phone and ensuring I have the latest app version often resolves it.
  • Login Troubles – I occasionally struggle to log in, whether due to forgotten passwords or login verification problems. I suggest double-checking that your password is entered correctly and taking care to go through identity verification steps if the app requests it. Resetting your password through email if you cannot recall it may also help get you back into your account.
  • Trading Hiccups – I’ve had issues where my buy or sell orders take very long to process or get stuck. This tends to occur during high trading volumes when network traffic is heavy. I recommend being patient and avoiding rapidly placing more orders which may complicate processing.
  • Connection Woes – At times I get network errors or find my app needs to be fixed. When this happens to me, I check my WiFi is working properly, disable any VPN services, and update the app if needed. These simple troubleshooting steps typically get it connecting again smoothly.

First Aid for Your App

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  • Restart and Refresh – When I run into problems like freezing or crashing, a simple restart of the app or my phone typically does the trick for me. This quick refresh clears out any temporary bugs.
  • Software Update Check – I make a habit of checking for app and iOS updates regularly. Keeping my software updated seems to prevent a lot of the bugs and glitches I used to see. This easy step has improved performance.
  • Clear the Cache – If I notice the app running slowly or acting unusual, I go to my phone settings to clear the app’s cache. Clearing out this background data gives the app a fresh start which has been handy for fixing lagging.
  • Reinstall with Care – I once had an issue with bugs failing that persisted through everything else I tried. As a last resort, I backed up my wallet and reinstalled the app. That solved the problem, though I’m cautious about deleting and reinstalling without fully backing up first.
  • Network Check-Up – There have been times I couldn’t get the app to connect only to later realize my WiFi was down. If you encounter connection errors, check your internet is working properly on other sites before troubleshooting further. A different network may also help. app not working

Advanced Support for Persistent Problems

  • Contact Support: Don’t hesitate to reach out to’s official support channels. They’re equipped to handle complex issues and provide personalized assistance.
  • Community Power: Online forums and social media groups dedicated to can be a wealth of information and user-reported solutions.
  • Stay Informed: Keep an eye on’s official channels for updates on known issues, platform maintenance, and upcoming fixes.


Remember, even the most robust platforms encounter occasional hiccups. By understanding common issues and applying these troubleshooting steps, you can navigate most app problems with ease. And if things get stuck, don’t hesitate to reach out for support—the community and official channels are there to help you chart a smooth course back to your crypto goals.

So, take a deep breath, put down the phone, and let’s get your app back on track!

So that wraps up this blog post. If you know someone who enjoys reading and is enthusiastic about trading but encounters issues with the app, this guide is designed for them. Whether you’re using the application on Android or iOS, several steps are relevant to both devices, such as clearing the cache, restarting the device, reinstalling the app, etc.

I hope you found the information helpful, and if not, please let us know in the comment section below. If you have a specific issue with the app, share it in the comments, or you can reach out to us directly or contact the company for assistance.

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