How to Change PDF viewer on any Android (instantly)

Android PDF Mastery: How to Swap Default PDF Viewers Like a Pro

How to Uninstall Google Play Store (Easy and Important)

This is exactly how I uninstalled the Google Play Store from Android, with all the proven steps and techniques. This is the ULTIMATE blog...

How to Set A Contact to Always Ring On Silent or DND Mode

Priority Calling: How to Make Certain Contacts Ring During Silent or DND Mode on Android (Android Secrets Revealed)!

How to Make a Folder On Android (instantly)

Time-Saving Hacks: Create Android Folders with Lightning Speed! [Create Folders Instantly like a Pro!]

2 Ways to Turn Off AutoFocus on Any Smartphone

Learn how to turn off autofocus on any smartphone. This is the in-short tutorial to disable or turn off autofocus mode.

Is Speed Dial not working on your device? Fixed!

Have you used the speed dial on your Android device and found that it's not working as expected or stopped working?

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